The Life-Long Lesson of Key Stage 2 Planners

Primary school planners are considered a necessity for all key stage 2 students, as they help to maintain organization, productivity and contain helpful and educational pages that help the child to learn, giving them quick access to helpful resources. Easy recording of homework, any necessary notes or spellings and a handy size perfect for a child’s school bag, a KS2 planner is something all students can benefit from. Not only do they help the student to learn, but they also give teachers and parents a quick and accessible insight into each student’s personal progress, with the space to add incentives and stickers.

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The simple techniques students learn from writing in their planner are likely to stay with them as they grow up. Even remembering to bring the planner with them every day to school, writing homework deadlines and taking advantage of the in-planner activities and resources will help them to be more organized and productive both at school and later on. Key stage 2 students will take these lessons forward with them as they make the transition into secondary education.

A planner can even double-up as a personal diary for the student, as they can keep track of their lessons, goals and progress. Teachers and parents can also support them and see if there are any areas of improvement, allowing the child to receive additional support or custom lessons if needed. Parents can write in it too, giving extra communication between the student, their parents and the teacher to make sure they’re performing as expected.

The resources and revision pages will be essential for tests and future exams – this gives each child easy access to key equations, keywords and useful information all within the pages of their planner. It also gives them a place to record any spellings, keep track of their reading – with the option to expand their progression with a KS2 reading record – and make notes about the school day, their weekend, or areas that they’re struggling with.

A key stage 2 planner gives each child the independence to record their day and make use of the activity pages that are included. The responsibility to keep a personal log of tasks will help each child to understand the importance of not losing the planner, as well as remembering to bring it with them – helping them to be more organized and responsible as they grow up.

Each child will benefit from having a key stage 2 planner. From gaining experience and responsibility before progressing into a secondary school to having quick and easy access to essential resources, KS2 planners can teach your students basic life-long lessons that they will most likely rely upon when they’re older.

Give your child a head start by investing in a primary planner. Penstripe offers a variety of student planners suitable for key stage 2 pupils, with the option to make them bespoke and personalised for your school. Each planner features essential education resources, interactive pages, spaces for teacher and parents’ comments in a durable, colourful and portable A5 student planner. Get in touch with our friendly team here.

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