Knowledge Organisers

We can work with you in creating a Knowledge Organiser bespoke to your school, supporting the sharing of core curriculum content for students, staff and parents/carers to refer to easily when needed.

Knowledge Organisers, an integral part of our student planner range, are used to collect essential knowledge in one place and present it in an easy-to-digest, pictorial format. We are collaborating with schools across the UK to design Knowledge Organisers that are bespoke to their requirements. A4 in size and wire-bound, these products are a valuable addition to any school’s learning toolkit.


Knowledge Organisers are an opportunity for your staff to create a tool to really support your teaching. Work with our Artwork team to create something that is unique to your school.


Your students will use their Knowledge Organiser every day, and we will make it in such a way as to ensure it will be robust enough to survive for the whole year.


Knowledge Organisers put all the vital curriculum information in one place, saving on subsequent paper handouts, to create a valuable resource for students, staff and parents/carers.


When used effectively an Knowledge Organiser is a bank of information available to students to reference and learn from, meaning new concepts can be introduced quickly, and core information is there to be referred to throughout the year.


A Knowledge Organiser is a concise, visual and structured document that contains key facts, information, and concepts that students need to learn and remember about a specific topic or subject. It provides an overview of the essential information, concepts and skills that students must understand and recall, serving as a reference tool to support learning and retention. Knowledge organisers are usually organised by topics or themes, and can include things like vocabulary, key dates, events, formulas, diagrams, maps, and other important facts or concepts.

The Knowledge Organisers we have made for customers in the last couple of years have been a visual treat, encapsulating core details from school curriculum, normally with one page given over to a new subject or theme. For example, a Knowledge Organiser we worked on this last year included a page on each of the 4 themes students would be working on in their art classes through the year (Lowry, Van Gogh, Serat and Warhol).


  • Enhances Learning: A Knowledge Organiser provides students with a concise summary of essential information, facilitating a structured approach to learning that enhances retention and understanding.
  • Improves Revision: Knowledge Organisers provide a simple and effective way for students to revise for assessments, with all the essential information in one place, making it easier to review and retain the information.
  • Saves Time: Preparing lesson plans and resources can be time-consuming for teachers. By using a Knowledge Organiser, teachers can reduce their preparation time and focus on delivering engaging and effective lessons.
  • Consistency: Knowledge Organisers ensure that all students have access to the same essential information, regardless of individual learning styles and abilities. This consistency helps to promote fairness and equal opportunities for all students.
  • Supports Independent Learning: By providing a structure for students to follow, Knowledge Organisers encourage students to take ownership of their learning, developing their independence and confidence. This approach can help prepare students for further education and their future careers.


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