The Benefits of B5 Planners

In our last blog about the Growth Mindset, we talked about incredible advances in child psychology and the discovery of a newly-understood perception that is referred to as (spoiler alert) the growth mindset. In our post on the subject, we talked about what it is, how it works, and how it can change attitudes and lead to manageable steps forward in personal and professional growth – which is critical for everyone, including of course students!

Crystallising Knowledge and Instilling Healthy Attitudes – The B5 Student Planner

We all know that one could attempt to substitute a planner for a generic academic-year diary, but the vast majority of schools choose to invest in possibly the single-most-important study-aid there is a B5 Planner.

A single page of B5 contains over 1732cm of space, take away binding (the space at the extreme right of the page) of around 10% and you’re still left with a lot to work with – with a planner no larger than an iPad mini.

Of course, our planners contain diary pages, notepad-spaces, public holidays and other useful and universal information. But when it comes to the personalised B5 planner – it’s a whole different story:

Your School, Your Students, Your Planner, Your Rules.

Penstripe’s customisable B5 planners offer a practically infinite number of customisation options, inserts, special sections, school-specific dates and red-letter-days, and many more – here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Personalise your planners with a bespoke design befitting your school’s existing branding – this can include photography of your school’s proudest moments, as well as the school crest, motto and, of course, name!
  • Instil your core values and codes of conduct with removable inserts that, for example, parents can review and keep on the fridge door! Just like a uniform, establishing a universal code of conduct and system of school values is critical in fostering co-operation and comradery in schools.
  • Boost your core curriculum with reference pages: What’s the formula to convert lbs to kgs? How about oC to oF? Commonly misspelt words? Or even a multiplication table? Mnemonics for history and mathematics, perhaps?
  • Introduce the Growth Mindset: We think that the Growth Mindset is a fantastic approach to education, and we hope you agree. Bespoke sections can introduce the concept to students – as well as make sure that the key concepts are reinforced through reference sections that can act as refresher pieces.
  • Monitor Progress in which-ever way you like: Academic progress monitoring (as well as awards, prizes and citations) within the planner is streamlined and efficient, as well as cutting down on paper for monitoring forms and cutting down on needed space for storing them!

You Build Them, We Print Them, You Design Them, We Bind Them.

Through mypenstripe you can design, configure and create your planner from scratch. The tool has been developed to be incredibly easy to use, easy to understand and you can create your perfect planner – along with an exact printing cost, in minutes.

The world is changing rapidly – give your students and teachers something static to hold on-to to help them make sense of things and move forward! Contact us to find out how.

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