Communicate Positive Messages with Confidence

From front cover to the back page, Student Planners are the perfect device to include critical information you want the students and parents to refer to daily. 

With the return to school this September will come an extra need for the school leaders and it’s community of staff and students to come together and support each other in maintaining social distancing and hygiene rules. 

Whilst the Government is doing all it can to produce guidelines on how this can be done, I believe it is down to the individual school to create a ‘manifesto’ to confidently communicate new rules. 

Whilst the specifics will change over time, I believe the central themes and expectations should be set out in the Student Planner (remember we offer fully bespoke content from cover to cover). To overcome the ever-changing nature of their Covid-19 response many schools are including multiple plastic wallets in their Student Planners so students can store and replace hand-outs through the year as protocol changes. 

Confidence breeds confidence, if you can share your messages clearly surrounding your management of Covid-19 then your staff, students, parents and carers can help you move forward and fight further spread of this awful virus. 

Let’s talk about your challenges for 2024/25 Student Planners to see if we can cost-effectively adapt your existing designs for what will be a very different school experience in September.

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