A round up of some of the news, views and insights we’ve enjoyed over the last month

Here’s some of the news, views and insights that the team at Penstripe have enjoyed over the last month:

We recognise the irony of suggesting you take time out to watch a talk on procrastination. But if you have a tendency to put off, delay and postpone you may recognise some of the points made in this light hearted glimpse ‘Inside the mind of a master procrastinator’.

Listen: How often do you reply ‘busy’ when someone asks how you are? Modern life can be overwhelming as we juggle heavy workloads and hectic home lives but are we making our lives more difficult than they need to be? Oliver Burkeman from Radio 4 explores why people feel so busy today.

Read: This article from Education Executive looks at how the latest tech innovations can help beleaguered schools funds stretch that little bit further.

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