The Fun Side of Planning: Using Teacher Planner Stickers

Teaching is a profession with many demands, which is why having an organised teacher planner is key. But planner organisation doesn’t have to be boring! By incorporating fun embellishments like stickers, you can add some joy to your teacher planning while staying on top of your responsibilities.

The Perks of Planning with Stickers

Sticker usage turns your practical teacher planner into a dynamic and vibrant planning aid. Here are some of the benefits of using teacher planner stickers:

  • Enhance planner aesthetics: Sticker creativity adds visual interest and helps break up blocks of text, making planning more fun and engaging. This can help boost motivation.
  • Promote planner personalisation: With such a wide sticker variety, teachers can choose stickers that reflect their style, interests and personality. This makes the planner feel more ‘theirs’.
  • Highlight important dates and events: Using colourful or patterned planner embellishments allows teachers to easily denote important school events, meetings and holidays. This improves organisation and time management.
  • Mark accomplishments: Fun, decorative stickers like stars, trophies and celebratory phrases can indicate when teachers have completed big projects or met goals. This provides a sense of achievement and encouragement.  

Crafting Your Unique Planner with Stickers

Customising your teacher planner with stickers is easy and rewarding. To get started with your planner crafts, gather these essential supplies:

  1. Sticker sheets or sticker books: Choose from ready-made sheets or printable sticker paper
  2. Washi tape: Add colour strips to section off categories
  3. Craft scissors: Cut stickers into custom sizes and shapes
  4. Planner pens: Use gel pens, brush pens and markers for writing over stickers

Once your planner supplies are prepped, you can start decorating your pages. Here are some fun sticker tips and ideas:

Liven Up Your Layout

  • Use patterned sticker backgrounds under daily blocks
  • Frame your planner pages with vibrant washi tape 
  • Use dot stickers to mark special events and deadlines

Organise Your Planning

  • Divide sections or label categories with tab stickers
  • Use checklists and bullet sticker icons to track to-dos
  • Tag important tasks and notes with sticker flags

Chart Progress Visually 

  • Use star stickers to highlight great lesson ideas or activities
  • Track student assessment data over time with sticker graphs

Decorate with Sticker Themes

  • Mark significant dates and breaks with seasonal sticker collections
  • Use subject-specific stickers to differentiate between classes
  • Highlight extracurriculars and school events with activity stickers
  • Emphasise important due dates with deadline stickers

Once you get started, there are endless possibilities for sticker arrangement and planner decoration.

Selecting the Best Teacher Planner Stickers

While almost any stickers can work in a planner, some options are better suited to a teacher’s organisational needs:

Reusable Stickers

Multi-use stickers like those with adhesive backings help minimise waste, allowing you to re-stick items as plans change.

Durable Stickers

Since your planner gets a lot of wear, look for vinyl, plastic or other sturdy sticker materials that can withstand regular handling.

Functional Shapes and Icons  

Geometric shapes, arrows, icons and emoticon facial expressions are useful for drawing attention, accenting text and categorising information.

Colourful Stickers

Vibrant colours and fun patterns breathe life into the everyday pages while also allowing you to colour-code categories. 

Customisable Collections

Buying packs around specific themes as opposed to random assortments helps align stickers to your planning tasks and classes.

By keeping these criteria in mind as you shop, you’re sure to find options to make planning and tracking more functional without it feeling like a chore.

Pair Stickers with the Perfect Planner from Penstripe

Teacher planners already provide so much functionality. However, with a little embellishment, we can also make them a source of enjoyment! Using stickers and other decorative items allows you to better customise your organisational system. 

While your sticker selection is important, so too is your choice of teacher planner. At Penstripe, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional teacher planners tailored to the needs of UK educators.

Our planners are thoughtfully designed to keep teachers ultra-organised. From planning lessons and assessments to making meeting notes, our planners equip teachers with everything they need to plan an outstanding year of teaching!
We also offer educators fully bespoke teacher planners that pair perfectly with stickers to create a planner tailored to your unique needs and preferences. For more information, complete our online enquiry form, call 0113 231 0995, or email