Study Skills Student Planner Section

New for 2024/25 – Empower students and parents with the skills to study, revise and pass exams.

Add 32 pages of unique content written by our expert partner Inspire Education and turn your Student Planner into a holistic tool that supports high performance. Each page provides valuable insight into scientific ideas in an accessible manner. Included are relevant exemplars, practical strategies, and a tried and trusted exam study system.

bespoke student planner


With the right knowledge, powerful things can be achieved. The Study Skills section has been generated to support students and parents/carers in developing best practice routines to build confidence and produce improved academic results.


The Student Diary goes everywhere with your students, by adding the Study Skills section you are creating a uniquely supportive tool that will be recognised for its power throughout the year.


The content in the 32 pages has been designed to be easily absorbed and recalled. Simple to digest text is supported with illustrations to create a straightforward section that immediately supports teaching and learning.


Evidenced by academic research, the strategies and practices laid out in the Study Skills section will work to support your students in further improving their capacity to learn and develop.


Studying can be a lonely path, with the desire to succeed potentially impeded by the ability to learn and recall. The Study Skills section for Penstripe Student Planners and Diaries has been designed to be a stand-alone support for students and parents/carers who are looking to improve their studies, revision and ultimately exam performance. All students want to achieve great results, by providing them with these core skills in easy bitesize pieces you are building knowledge that will support them this year and create a base for future successes.


Working with Inspire Education has provided Penstripe with an opportunity to create a unique learning tool for schools and their students. Formed 10 years ago by a team of academics from the Queen’s University Belfast, Inspire Education set out to support students, teachers and parents/carers with evidence based learning modules that encourage and inspire through education and play. Learn more at


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