What to Include in a Teacher Planner

Organisation and planning is extremely important for teachers, but when you have a million and one things to do, it can be difficult. That’s why it’s vital that you have the right tools – and there is no better tool than the humble teacher planner.

Whether you’re a trainee teacher on a placement at a secondary school or a veteran teacher with decades of experience, a teacher planner is a tool you need in order to remain organised.

In this guide, we outline the top 5 ideas of what to include in a teacher planner so that you can successfully get through the academic year.

1. Time period planners

All teacher planners should include a variation of time period planners. It’s important to have a daily planner in order to record activities, notes, reminders and lesson planning and at Penstripe, we provide planners that have allocation slots for up to 9 periods per day. 

As well as having a daily planner that will help with day to day planning, another important type of planner is having a longer-term solution. Whether this be for the whole academic year or individual terms, having some sort of time period calendar is a must-have in a teacher planner.

2. Action planning section

Having an area in your planner that is designated for action planning, brainstorming, lesson planning and note-taking is crucial for keeping organised. A great way to highlight important notes is by using different bright and bold coloured pens that will grab your attention when flicking through your teacher planner. 

It’s proven that writing your intentions and actions down helps with the execution of them, so having an action planning segment in a teacher planner will go some way in creating a better experience for students.

3. Area for Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Keeping a section for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in a teacher planner should be one of the priorities when looking for what to include. Ideas for CPD could consist of work shadowing, peer reviews and observations, mentoring and much more.

At Penstripe, we recognise the importance of CPD and personal training time and that’s why we’ve created a designated area for just that. Crafted by our expert team, we have ensured that our teacher planners help you become the best teacher you can be as well as having a positive effect on your class of students.

4. Class information 

Have you ever had a medical situation arise in your classroom and been unsure of the student’s medical information? Or perhaps felt guilty about missing a pupil’s birthday? Say goodbye to those dilemmas and situations because once you include complete class information in a teacher planner, you’ll be ready with the details of your students.

Class information to include in a teacher planner:

  • Every parent’s contact information
  • Class list and their birthdays
  • Medical information
  • Classroom seating chart
  • Daily schedules

5. School mission statement and vision

School mission statements indicate the priorities and goals of a school community, and can have an incredible impact on student achievement. Keeping the school’s mission statement, vision and objectives in a section of your planner will help with motivation, guidance and clarity for teachers.
Implementing this idea into student planners will also produce similar results as well as giving confidence to the parents of students.


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