The Importance of Welcome Displays for Schools

Welcome displays for schools are not only highly practical in helping students, teachers, and visitors to locate the school by making it noticeable, but they are also a great way for visitors to be greeted upon entrance making a great first impression.

Welcome displays are usually the first thing a visitor is going to see when they approach a school, so it is important to have the display relevant to the school’s branding, ethos, and values, providing visitors with a warm and inviting welcome. Here we have highlighted just a few of the most important benefits that welcome displays for schools come with.

First Impressions Count!

There are so many people that visit your school on a daily basis that you need to make a valuable first impression on, whether it is parents, teachers, students, members of the community, or even Ofsted reporters. They will be basing their first impressions of the school by the signage displayed and the message that is communicated through it. 

A top quality, well designed welcome display can create a great first impression for visitors. Whether your school signage is bright and uplifting, follows the relevant branding, or displays the correct message, will be judged by visitors. So make them count! 

Promoting School Values and Branding

For many schools, it is highly important to not only demonstrate their values and ethos but to visually promote them. Bespoke school displays allow you to create your own design reflective of your school’s branding and values, whether you choose to incorporate the school branding colours on the welcome display, or have school signage and displays relaying uplifting and motivational messages. Both are great ways to build the schools character and to create a valuable reputation on the expectations of the school.

Improves Communication

Welcome displays for schools and other internal or external signage help to enhance communication throughout the schools often between pupils and teachers. Whether it is relaying rules and instructions, or regular reminders, school signage is a great way to pass your message visually to individuals throughout the school building. 

School signs can be displayed at any size. Whether you are looking for a large welcome display or minimalistic door signs, they are guaranteed to help communication on site.

Signage for Navigation

The best way to ensure your guests, new pupils or staff members are able to navigate around the school building is to demonstrate clear wayfinding signage. Schools are constantly having new members walk through the school building, to classes, school plays, or even meetings, therefore using navigating signs can help avoid visitors being lost and overwhelmed in a new environment. 

Ensures Safety Inside School

With every school, the health and safety of their pupils remain the top priority. Therefore having important signage displayed throughout the building demonstrating safety signs ensure this, from fire exits, fire alarms and meeting points, students will be able to locate safe points easily without having to deal with any hazards. 

School Signage

There are many benefits from incorporating welcome displays in your school, from improving the communication levels between staff and pupils, demonstrating safety measures, helping visitors to navigate their way around the school building, and to help create an unforgettable first impression! 

Welcome displays for schools can come in many shapes and sizes tailored to your organisation’s branding and budget. Displaying a consistent signage theme is a great way to make your school recognisable and for marketing events to the local community. 

Welcome Displays for Schools at Penstripe

At Penstripe we can support your school in developing a unique welcome display design suited to your organisation’s branding, we have a wide range of school signage options easily adaptable to your budget and timescale. 

Our specialist trained team have the ability to create a completely bespoke design for your school signage display exceeding all of your expectations. Whether you are looking for external school signage, internal school signage, welcome displays, school mapping, or wall graphics, we can assist. 

If you would like more information on the fantastic welcome displays we have to offer your school then please do not hesitate to get in touch