Why Choose a Personalised Teacher Planner?

As any experienced educator will agree, teacher planners are indispensable organisational tools. From planning lessons to recording meetings and tracking student progress, they play an essential role in any teacher’s professional life.

But what if you could augment these benefits with a personalised touch? Enter the bespoke teacher planner. Available in various sizes and styles, everything from the cover design to the diary layout can be tailored to suit your school’s unique needs.

In this guide, we discuss the many ways in which personalised teaching planners could benefit your school, and explore the different customisation options available.

Match Your School’s Branding with a Bespoke Cover Design

Unlike standard off-the-shelf options, personalised teachers’ planners feature a bespoke cover that can be customised with your school’s branding. You can tailor your teacher planners with your school’s name, colours and logo, or even add full-colour images to draw the eye.

Thanks to this design freedom, a personalised teacher planner can help to solidify your school’s identity and promote a sense of community among staff. Furthermore, it projects a smart, professional image to students, parents, and visitors, whether in the classroom or at parents’ evening. This is something that simply can’t be achieved with a mass-produced design or a digital planner.

Include Helpful School Information and Teaching Resources

A good teacher planner is not just a diary or lesson planner — it acts as a practical, comprehensive guidebook for educators. You can incorporate useful school information and teaching resources directly into your bespoke teacher planner, such as:

  • Your school ethos
  • Staff contact details
  • Key term dates
  • Reward and disciplinary policies
  • Assessment guidelines and teaching strategies

Including these handy reference points in your teaching planner can make your teachers’ day-to-day lives easier in many ways. It can save them valuable time, increase their productivity and help them to support their students in their learning.

Customise Your Diary Layout to Suit Your Teachers’ Schedules

Every school operates on a unique timetable, and it’s important that this is reflected in your personalised teacher lesson planner. With Penstripe, you can customise your diary with a 5-period, 6-period or 9-period layout – the choice is yours.

Choose the option that perfectly matches your teachers’ daily schedules, or include additional periods for extra space and flexibility. For example, if your school day contains seven teaching periods, choosing a 9-period layout will provide ample room for jotting down notes, reminders and after-school responsibilities.

Add Custom Planner Sections According to Your Needs

As well as a custom diary layout, bespoke teacher planners can be designed with various additional pages catering to your school’s unique requirements. At Penstripe, we offer a vast library of custom content to choose from, including:

  • Year planners and term planners
  • Assessment and attendance registers
  • Class information sections
  • Action planning pages
  • Records of meetings
  • Parents’ evening pages

This allows you to create a truly personalised organisational tool that supports your teachers in every aspect of their roles. Read more about what to include in a teacher planner here.

Choose from Different Sizes, Binding Options and Accessories

Penstripe’s custom teacher planners are available in various sizes and binding styles. Our compact B5 size planners are pocket-sized and portable, while our larger A4 size is perfect for those who require extra writing space.

When it comes to binding, you have two excellent options. Our standard wire-bound version is popular with many schools, whereas our loose-leaf binding (available with A4 planners) features a removable page system for added flexibility.

You can also choose from various optional accessories, such as wallets and pen holders. These little touches can greatly enhance the practicality of your planner, helping teachers to stay organised throughout the year.

Order Your Personalised Teacher Planner UK with Penstripe

Each and every Penstripe teacher planner, personalised down to the last detail, is printed on the highest quality materials and built to last the school year. We offer a wealth of customisation options, including custom covers, colours, pages and layouts.

Order your personalised teacher planner 2023 with Penstripe and experience how a tailor-made organisational tool can make a difference in your teachers’ lives. Alternatively, browse our range of individual teacher planners, available in our online store.

Contact Penstripe today to discuss your requirements and request a free sample pack. Fill in our enquiry form, call us on 0113 231 0995 or email info@penstripe.co.uk.