When Should I Buy a Teacher Planner?


As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of both student and teacher planners, we have a deep understanding and knowledge base to help solve problems teachers may face when looking to purchase a new planner or diary.

Newly qualified school teachers will undoubtedly have a lot of questions regarding their new career, with one of these being the ideal time to buy a teacher planner. In this guide, we outline when you should start to shop around and what to look for in a teacher planner to ensure you’re prepared for the new school year.

When is the best time to buy a teacher planner?

Finding the best teacher planner for a new academic year can be tricky, but we suggest you start looking towards the end of the existing school year. Buying a teacher planner in the months of June, July and August will allow time for you to familiarise yourself with your new diary ahead of the new school year.

Being well prepared for the upcoming school year is a must for any teacher, let alone a newly qualified one! With over 20 years in the education industry, we know exactly what teachers require to make not only their work-life easier, but to help students achieve the best grades possible. To see other ways in how you can prepare for the upcoming year, see our top 10 habits and tips to be a more organised teaching professional.


Teacher planners designed to help with productivity, organisation and wellbeing for your team

What to look for in a teacher planner?

Organisation and planning is extremely important for teachers, but when you have a million and one things to do, it can be difficult. That’s why it’s vital that you have the right tools – and there is no better tool than the humble teacher planner.

Making sure your new teacher planner is equipped with the right information and tools will help you throughout the school year and our top 5 ‘must-haves’ include:

  • Time period planners
  • Action planning section
  • Area for continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Class information
  • School mission statement and vision

If you’re new to teaching and aren’t too sure what to look for in a teacher planner, see our in-depth guide.

New to teaching?

Building on our decades of experience in producing planners, diaries and books, we understand what newly qualified teachers are going through in the build-up to their first year in teaching.

Creating bespoke teacher planners for your needs is what we do best. Placing orders with us (preferably in June, July or August) is a simple process and you’ll be raring to go come September!