Why paper is better than digital – planning wars

Professionals across various fields must meticulously plan their time and maintain a physical record of their daily agendas. 

The abundance of ‘planning’ tools is unprecedented, especially with technological advancements. However, despite the extensive capabilities of our devices, there are certain tasks they may not handle as effectively. 

This is particularly true in the context of education, where teacher planners continue to hold significant value. Here are four reasons why a paper planner for teaching might be more beneficial than a device.


When we think of speed most of us would likely pick a digital planner before a physical planner. But is this right? You can flip your planner open to today’s date before you have even unlocked your device and found the app. A paper planner is designed to do one thing, plan, not message or play games, just plan – something it does very well. Not to mention whacking out your phone or tablet in front of your students is unprofessional and tempts them to sneakily go on their own.


Seeing a plan in full gives you a clear view of what you have to do and when. When you look at your lesson plan on a device you never seem to get the whole picture. You always find yourself swiping and pinching to try and get the best view, whereas with a paper planner, you simply open it and you have a complete view of your week with no battery life.


Planning varies depending on your personality. Although most planners come off the printing press identical, the similarities stop when it reaches your hand. Your writing, highlighting, doodles and colour coding all reflect you and your planner becomes your creative footprint. A physical planner gives you the flexibility to mold it into your own personal planning system without the limitations of the programmed software’s on your said device.

If you would like the foundation of your doodles and plans to be personalised from the very beginning, check out our personalised teacher planners. After all teachers have a million and one things to do, and adapting their planners to them lets them focus on the important stuff – teaching.


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It is backed well by lots of research that writing things down helps commit them to memory. Being able to mentally envision your diary with your personal colour codes and handwriting helps with this more so. You may argue that typing them into a device achieves the same thing but in fact this is not true. Studies have been carried out at universities on those who revised with laptops and notebooks, and the note takers came out on top every time.

Over the years we have helped millions of people get organised and achieve more. If you are looking for a new teacher planner or student planner for your students choose us for effective planning and organisation.

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