How to Get Ready for a New School Term

After weeks of enjoying the summer holiday, you may find yourself lost in preparing for the grand return of a fresh new school term. From mentally preparing yourself to return to school term to ensuring you or your staff are fully equipped with all the necessary educational supplies to kickstart a new term, there is plenty to think about. 

Before putting yourself back into your regular routine, you will want to think about how you can deliver effective lessons and what new tools you can introduce to your students. From student and teacher planners, introducing school mapping to teaching diaries, there are many educational resources to help support learning, planning and organisation skills. 

3 Educational Tools to Prepare you for a New School Term

If you are like most teachers, you may find yourself lost with things you need to get ready for a new school term. At Penstripe we have everything you need to start a new school term helping you to prepare lessons and ensure you remain as organised as possible. We have gathered a list of the very best educational tools to prepare you for a new school term. 

  1. Introduce School Storage Solutions

To help you and your students start a new school term organised at Penstirpe would recommend installing efficient school storage solutions. From school storage lockers, cabinets, cupboards, trays and general purpose workbenches there are many options available to accommodate your scale and budget.

  1. Stay Organised with a Teaching Planner

Teaching planners are a fantastic idea if you are looking to manage workload and keep on top of tasks. Teaching planners can help you to plan your day ensuring all of your important tasks are ticked off your checklist. Whether you are looking for a teaching planner to cover the essentials or are looking for a bespoke teaching planner tailored to your needs, both are great for all-around organisation.  

  1. Supply Student Planners

From pocket student planners to bespoke student planners, both are essential in a student’s school bag to remain organised and help to balance workload. Student planners are designed to improve the organisational skills of young people to ensure they perform effectively to the best of their ability and set goals. Student planners not only help students to learn and develop they also help to manage educational tasks with their personal schedules. 

Discover how School Planners help students here.

Educational Tools to Prepare you for a New School Term

  1. Introduce School Storage Solutions
  2. Stay Organised with a Teaching Planner
  3.  Supply Student Planners

Prepare for a New School Term with Penstripe

At Penstripe we understand how it can be stressful planning for a new school year. As well as staying on top of your teaching skills it’s important to remain organised and be a great role model for students. Our educational resources help to support teachers and students in working productively, performing effectively and focusing on their mental wellbeing. 
We offer an extensive range of storage solutions, teaching planners, school signage, mapping and many more to help your school kick start a fresh new term ready to learn with quality tools.