Flexibility for Teachers with Penstripe Planners

We know that every child is different, every teacher is different, and every school is different. To that end, we’ve been working hard to designing ways to both produce and innovate – leading to the best teacher planner money can buy, including of course a budget bespoke teacher planner. Of course, for you, only one such planner exists, because you’re unique!


Teacher planners designed to help with productivity, organisation and wellbeing for your team

Rotas, Classes, Tests, Training, Policies, Merit and Behaviour Guidelines, EC Activities, Parental Liaison Programmes et cetera…

You’ve got an enormous brain, you have to have one in order to have any hope of keeping track of everything that is happening in the school day-to-day and term-to-term. We all know to plan our time – but, inevitably something ‘blindsides us on an idle Tuesday’1 and it can throw our day asunder, having a knock-on effect that is only going to cause stress!!!

So, plan to plan. Write it down, not on post-its, not in the scraps of paper you’ve got in the bottom your bag (and you might not be able to find a pen anyway!); but in one of our highly-regarded personalised teacher planners – allowing you to fit around your school timetables with ease. Choose from 5 period diaries, 6 period diaries, or for those who like to plan everything for the moment they enter school at early o’clock to the moment they leave – the amazingly flexible 9 period teacher planner allows for planning extra activities (or jotting down reminders or special meetings) if you’re school isn’t actually running a 9-period timetable.

Why Penstripe?

You could set up reminders on your phone, but phones run out of battery. You could set up enormous spreadsheets that take hours to create and ultimately may not be fit for purpose if there is any change to the policy of the modus operandi of your school!

Notebooks and planners are solar-powered (think about it), and Penstripe’s are expertly and beautifully designed, built to last, and are completely customisable.

Here at Penstripe in Leeds, we are a wonderful team that is consistently learning, listening, and liaising with thousands of schools helping to make their teachers more effective and organised (improving both their work and their stress levels!) – and over many years we’ve helped millions of people get organised and achieve more out of their life, academic results and careers.

“No it’s ok I’d like to design it myself.”


Let’s talk about MyPenstripe (click for a video introduction). Basically – you design the planners, including the bindings, covers, inserts, page designs and everything else you can think of – we then tell you the cost of manufacture per unit (as usual bulk orders work out significantly cheaper).

Binding it all together:

Penstripe have been helping people organise their lives for years and years, centred in the amazing city of Leeds. We offer customisation down to the pixel (almost!) and, most importantly, we understand what you need, not because we are psychic, but because we’ve learned that really listening can make a huge difference when it comes to excellence, innovation, and reliability!

Get started on your own prototype planner by clicking here, or learn more by looking through some of our testimonials.

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