End of term activities for primary pupils

The summer holidays are drawing nearer, bringing you closer to stepping out of the classroom and into the well-deserved break. In the lead-up, it’s important to ensure that your pupils’ final weeks of the term are memorable, engaging, and above all, enjoyable for both you and them. 

For many pupils, this might have been their first full year in such a learning environment, and they truly deserve some fun for their hard work and adaptability. Utilising teacher planners can help you organise and plan these enjoyable activities effectively. Here are some of Penstripe’s recommended activities

Photo Shoot

Set up a photo area to snap a fun set of the end of school year photos. Create some speech bubbles which say “I completed year _”, and then be creative and make some moustaches on sticks or hats to make it even more fun! These can be sent to the pupils’ parents and it’ll be a perfect momento!

Countdown Balloons

Decide how many days you’d like to countdown and create a colourful string line across the classroom of balloons which can be popped each day. If you’re feeling even more creative place a special activity idea inside each one, and keep them guessing!


This one is great for all ages from key stage 1 all the way through to the end of secondary. Quizzes can be adapted for each age and can easily be found online. Incorporate some whiteboards for them to hold up with the answer and a sweetie prize for the ultimate competition.


Throw a little celebration in the classroom on the last day of term. Bring in some nibbles and squash for your pupils and lay out some arts and crafts and get them to bring in their favourite game. This is a great way for them to relax and mingle while learning to improve social skills like sharing.

Swap Roles

Split the class into groups and assign a specific topic which they have learnt this year. Give them time to prepare and then let them teach you and the rest of the class. This can be great fun and allows them to see there isn’t such a huge divide between teacher and pupil. Of course all these fun activities need planning. Here at Penstripe we help teachers to think smart and achieve more with beautiful bespoke teacher planners. Contact us today for any questions you may have.


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