Do I Need a Teacher Planner – How Can it Help?

Teachers have been using planners and diaries for decades and it shouldn’t stop now. Technology is rapidly advancing, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch the trusty teacher planner as it still provides lecturers with a long list of organisational benefits.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of both student and teacher lesson planners, we highly recommended you invest in a teacher planner as it can make your life that little bit easier. Read on to find out how a teacher planner can help you during the academic year and why it’s vital you invest in a durable diary.

Do I really need a teacher planner?

Every teacher or lecturer needs a robust planner to keep their classroom and lessons organised. Without one, it’s very difficult to keep things like lesson plans, to-do lists and class information in one place. Teacher planners dramatically increase productivity and decrease stress amongst teachers.

Purchasing a traditional, paper-based teacher planner will ensure that you always have access to your notes, lesson plans and class information. Furthermore, research shows that physically writing things down is the best way to keep people organised.

Benefits of owning a teacher planner

Purchasing a bespoke teacher planner can dramatically improve your skills as a teacher, ultimately leading to a better performance for yourself and students in the classroom.

  1. Improves organisation with lesson planning
  2. Tracks student’s progress and grades in one place
  3. Promotes communication with colleagues and pupils
  4. Easily customisable to your needs
  5. Opportunity for continuous professional development (CPD)


Teacher planners designed to help with productivity, organisation and wellbeing for your team

When should I buy a teacher planner?

Once you’ve shopped around for the perfect teacher planner, it’s crucial you get in early as possible as they may sell out towards the start of the new school year. Based on this information, we suggest you purchase a teacher diary at the end of the current school year. Buying a teacher planner in the months of June, July and August will allow time for designing, printing and the delivery of your new diary!

For those new to teaching, you can find more information in our helpful educational guide.