Tackling Period poverty in UK schools

Period Poverty is a widespread issue in UK schools. Statistics show that half of all girls in the UK have missed time from school due to lack of access to sanitary products, yet despite this, many schools are still not doing enough to combat the problem. At Penstripe, we are working alongside SaniStation and Scotland based social enterprise Hey Girls to encourage schools to do more. Through our partnership with Hey Girls, we aim to help eradicate Period Poverty within UK schools.

What is period poverty?

Period Poverty is the consequence of a lack of access to sanitary and feminine hygiene products. This is often due to financial limitations, but can also be due to access issues for a variety of reasons. It is a particular issue in schools where often girls feel forced to miss time from school during their monthly periods.

There are a number of campaigns aiming to tackle the issue, offering free period products in schools, colleges and universities. In 2020, Scotland voted to make this mandatory – Scottish schools must now provide sanitary products free of charge and with easy access. However, while similar schemes are available in England and Wales, these are opt-in only, meaning uptake is limited.

What is Penstripe doing about period poverty?

Penstripe is working with sister company SaniStation to offer a unique new product that makes it easy for schools to provide period products to the women and girls who need them. The new Period Products Dispenser is an incredibly simple solution to a challenging problem. It is a hygienic, robust and highly-visible dispenser that can be fully branded with your design. Simple to install and extremely robust, it has a high capacity making it a low-maintenance solution.

The Period Products Dispenser has been installed in hospitals in Scotland and is already receiving praise from industry leaders.

“Working with SaniStation we were able to create a solution for the requirement to dispense period products in an efficient and infection-controlled manner.  The resulting Period Product Dispenser is a great product which really helps demonstrate our Trust’s commitment to the Period Poverty campaign.”

If you are interested in supporting the Period Poverty campaign and providing period products to the women and girls in your care, we would love to hear from you. Speak to a product expert today by calling 0113 231 0995 or use the form below to learn more.

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