Where to Buy a Student Planner

The first day of any school clerk or procurement officer might involve the question of where to buy student planners? We talked about what student planners are in our blog, including their great benefits to aid students’ education and social growth. So, where can you get them?

Off the shelf?

You can probably get some form of a planner at a major stationary supplier in bulk – even if it’s essentially just a year planner with ‘Student’ written on the cover. These might come with a few academic bells and whistles – such as a couple of popular mnemonics or multiplication tables, BIDMAS and such; maybe a few term dates (let’s keep our fingers crossed that your term dates are exactly in line! Otherwise you’ll be tippexing an awful lot of planners…).

Bespoke Student Planners

Penstripe has been working on designing and producing planners for decades, working carefully with schools to understand their needs, and the needs of their students – even as those needs change with the times! We’ve worked hard to build an enviable reputation as one of the leading providers of academic planners in the UK, are happy to offer free samples of our very best work, and of course – work with you to design the planner that’s fit for purpose for your school community.

We’ve even developed a great system where you can design a planner online! Unleash your creativity over at MyPenstripe!

Learn more about Penstripe here, and for inspiration on helping your classroom – we run an insightful blog too!

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