What’s so different about our school diaries?

We pride ourselves on the work that we do in the education sector. For over 20 years we’ve been providing schools with the highest quality diaries and planners with personalised inserts, designed to complement the values of the particular school that we’re working with.

With primary and secondary students and teachers catered for, we offer a range of student planners and diaries to suit each individual need.  The products you’ll find at Penstripe are different to ones you’ll find anywhere else. Here’s a few reasons why…

1. The engaging content

Our primary planners and reading records are designed to keep children engaged during the learning process and our graphics and interactive pages ensure pupils learn the values of planning in a fun way.

Featuring ‘All About Me’ interactive pages, literacy, numeracy, language and spelling pages, our primary planners are designed to make learning accessible. The accompanying reading record works in much the same way, guiding pupils through their reading journey.

2. The binding

Never being ones to follow the crowd, we invented our very own methods of binding our diaries and planners at the Penstripe factory. Our Spiral Bind and ToughBind technology ensures that our planners can withstand the most active of school days.

Our seamless, spiral binding features endlocks that make the binding impossible to remove by unwinding.  Coupled with our safe, trademark rounded corners, we’ve put every measure in place to ensure that our planners look smart from the first day of term, to the last.

ToughBind is a lay-flat, adhesive binding that makes it impossible to remove a page without leaving a trace.

Both of our binding options are industry firsts. Innovative and industry leading, we like to set ourselves apart from the competition.

3. The durability

We know that our planners our going to be shoved into schoolbags, pushed into desk drawers, and be used every single day by our Penstripe pupils. That’s why the majority of our secondary school diaries are printed with tough polypropylene covers, making them anti-graffiti and impossible to tear to ensure they last all year long.

4. The personalisation

Penstripe planners and diaries can be personalised from the front cover, to the very last page. We provide the option to include unique content – this might be the school’s ethos, uniform, time tables and term dates… whatever you think would be most useful for your pupils.

We also offer a choice of whether to use our standard cover design, or create your very own front page. As well as the front cover, we also offer a range of different diary layouts – but if it’s something extra-special you’re after, we’ll help you create your very own, bespoke design.

5. The little extras

We offer the following added extras to all of the schools that we work with, in case you feel like your diaries need that little bit extra:

  • Clip-in PageMarkers that combine a 21cm ruler and the two-to-twelve times tables
  • Clip-in protractors
  • Clear plastic wallets
  • A whiteboard back page with dry-wipe surface
  • Learning signals that include red, yellow and green indicators
  • Durable dual pockets for effective storage of letters and notes
  • Self-adhesive pen holders so you never lose your pen again

As well as diaries for pupils, we also supply teacher planners. Take a look at our full product offering to find out why our Penstripe schools come back year after year, or look through some of our testimonials.

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