What is a Student Planner?

Student planners are a combination of many valuable educational tools and resources – all in a professionally designed, sturdy and logically laid-out in order to facilitate learning – not only academic but also social, such as codes of conduct, individual responsibility – and the value of education in an organised way. Simply put, they are, from an achievement and growth perspective – a student’s best friend!

Modular, customisable, beautiful, useful.

Here are only some of the ways that Planners are the perfect partner for a successful education:

  • They encourage personal growth through planning.
    • As we talked about in our blog last year, the term diaries (which often act as the core of the Planner) allow students to plan for the future – a responsibility for Y7s, for example, that they’ve never really had to face before academically. Homework will be much heavier than their time at primary – and deadlines need to be met! So, being able to parcel time for specific tasks, as part of a larger goal, is driving students’ growth, as well as helping them to develop the discipline that will be required in getting homework and, later, coursework in on time and up to standard!
  • They encourage looking forward – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
    • Bespoke Student Planners can contain extensive sections of note pages, which can then work to facilitate pathways to their Whether that’s admission to University, setting up a business, becoming an apprentice, or taking a vocational course! When the inevitable career day comes around, your students will (hopefully) have some idea of which direction that would like to move into – and by planning that in their planner, with support from Teaching and Pastoral staff – clear aspirational vision can almost be guaranteed!
  • They accommodate attainment tracking, codes of conduct, and a ‘Great Work!’ system.
    • The presence of the student planners in a school that requires students to track their homework deadlines leads to a more informed relationship between student and teachers – meaning review sessions are more successful in their outcomes. A uniform code of conduct prevents confusion when laying down the law behaviour-wise, (it can literally be printed in the bespoke planner itself!) sets a level and fair playing field, and also can track exceptional achievement!

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