What is a Homework Planner?

Homework planners (also known as student planners), are the perfect organisational tool for students, teachers and guardians as they provide seamless communication between key stakeholders. Research shows that homework planners and diaries can be an excellent way to keep learners motivated and on track with their out-of-school studies.

But what exactly is a homework planner?

In this guide, we outline what homework planners and diaries are, how they can help students and where you can purchase bespoke and ‘off-the-shelf’ diaries for pupils.

What is a homework planner?

In short, homework planners are an organisational tool that helps students, teachers and guardians with out-of-school studies. Not only do homework diaries contain sections designated for homework and other academic studies, but they also offer areas for codes of conduct, individual responsibility and the value of education in an organised way.

Simply put they are, from an achievement and growth perspective, a pupil’s best friend!

How can a homework planner help students?

Homework diaries are essential for all pupils in secondary schools, sixth forms and other educational institutions, but why?

Develop organisational skills

Having a high-quality student planner allows pupils to plan for the future – a responsibility for Year 7s, for example, that they’ve never really had to face before academically. 

Homework will be set far more frequently than their time at primary school which can cause some anxiety and stress to begin with. Having an organisational tool that is engaging, durable and ultimately serves its purpose, is crucial for all students as it will help them plan out what work needs to be done and staying organised.

See our in-depth guide for other ways to improve organisational skills for your pupils.

Promote student responsibility

Having a homework planner gives students the freedom to plan, organise and keep track of their homework. This has multiple benefits in that it increases the pupil’s accountability to the commitments planned as well as providing them with a structure that contributes to their success. Upon using homework diaries, students are able to take full responsibility and accountability to complete their out-of-school studies.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Although the primary objective of a student homework planner is to help schedule academic time, it can also be useful to ensure pupils don’t get overwhelmed with work and have some down time to relax. 

If teachers are setting homework with a time scale, it should allow students to calculate this time and factor in some time for themselves.

Where can I purchase homework planners?

At Penstripe, our goal is simply to create the perfect student homework planner. With a huge range of sizes, bindings and contents, we can create a custom student diary that exceeds teacher and student expectations. If a bespoke diary isn’t required, why not try our off-the-shelf planners?

To find out more, see our student planners page or visit our student planner FAQs.


Our homework planners are designed to support young people in all aspects of their education. Whether you call them student planners, homework diaries, or learning journals, we guarantee the best quality and service.