The rise of bespoke diaries

Increasingly schools are looking to provide a bespoke solution for their students to help them thrive inside and outside the classroom.  This is certainly the case of the diary element of the school planners we are making for schools across the UK and beyond. 

Whilst Penstripe have designed a selection of diary page layouts that provide great planning and scheduling tools, many schools are now adapting these layouts to create something that works exactly for their unique requirements.

Some of the additional items schools are adding to the own bespoke diary layouts include:

  • Weekly Rewards Section – emoticons are a common choice for those wanting to give students the opportunity to document weekly successes in a fun visual way.
  • Week One/ Week Two – many schools run timetables over a two-week period, and want their diary layouts to reflect this
  • School Events – personalising the diary with dates and anniversaries really helps to the add a level of ownership to a student planner
Examples of bespoke diary layouts

It’s simple to create a study skills diary to suit your school’s exact requirements.  Our design and production teams are ready to discuss your requirements and bring together our expertise with your knowledge to produce the perfect solution.

We can help you design the perfect student planner for your students to help them thrive.  Please call today on 0113 231 0995 or drop us a line to for further info.