Reading Records

A Reading Record is the perfect way to Keep track of student’s reading at home and at school

Keeping a reading record is a great way to help your child develop reading skills. By recording what they have read, when they read it and how much they read, you can help your child to see their progress and identify areas where they need more practice.

In addition, recording what they have read can also help them to remember key points and details from the story. As a result, a reading record is an invaluable tool for helping children to learn to read.

What makes our READING RECORDS amazing?

Our school reading records are incredibly popular at schools across the UK. Some of the top features include:

Colourful, vibrant design

Durable gloss laminate cover

A5 size to easily fits inside a child’s bag

Durable laminated front and back cover

Space for 322 reading sessions

A special ‘Page for Parents’ to encourage parental engagement

Space for children/parents to write comments

Suitable for daily use

Guaranteed to last all year

Engaging design

Easily recycled

Encourages reading

Supports engagement

Need higher quantities?

Bulk discounts available on orders of over 200 units.

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