Paper-based planners | A sustainable choice

There’s no getting away from the fact that student planners are made from paper. In 2021, people are more and more making environmentally conscious choices leaving some to wonder whether paper has had its day.

But does the science support this – is paper and print as bad as some assume? Over the coming months we’ll be discussing the environmental impact of students planners on this blog. Our only aim is to provide decision makers (staff and students) in schools with the information they need to confidently commit to planners for the next academic year.

To start with we’d like to introduce you to the Two Sides campaign, which is something Penstripe have been passionately supporting for several years now.

Two Sides is a global campaign to promote the sustainability and attractiveness of print, paper and paper packaging. The key raw material from which paper is made, trees, is a natural, renewable and sustainable material. Forests in Europe have been growing by the equivalent of 1500 football pitches every day. Paper is highly recycled and, in Europe, re-used on average 3.8 times. In 2020 a total of 56 million tonnes of paper was collected and recycled in Europe, a recycling rate of 74%. For paper packaging the recycling rate is even higher, with 83% of paper and cardboard being recycled. For facts and information visit

Jonathan Tame, Managing Director of Two Sides said, “Paper has been the preferred communications medium for 2,000 years. Even in today’s digital world, it continues to be highly effective and produced, used and disposed of responsibly, is inherently sustainable. We are delighted that the Pointer Group support the Two Sides mission to help inform consumers of the great sustainable story of print, paper and paper packaging.”

We’d like to share some information specifically created for schools on the impact of paper use. Please see below a link ‘Paper & Print, Myths & Facts’ booklet you are free to download to help build your understanding of paper and sustainable credentials.

Do you have any questions about the way Penstripe planners are made, and the raw materials we use? Drop us a line to, or or look through some of our testimonials.

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