How To Make Homework Less Work

Homework is a major part of school life – it’s a way for teachers to evaluate how much students understand of what’s going on in the classroom, reinforces important concepts and helps students develop the ability to self learn.  The idea is that students can research and learn independently, and this is a huge part of growing up.

But how can students make homework less work?

It’s all about preparation and student planning – making sure students know what’s expected of them, ensuring they’ve got all the necessary resources needed to complete their homework and knowing exactly when they need to submit it.

With Penstripe’s planners, students can prioritise their workload and be really organised when it comes to managing their school work as well as their out of school commitments.  They can use their planners to take notes during class time, write down their homework assignments, adding any additional notes, which will help them when completing their homework.  They can also document reminder and submission dates so their homework is completed and submitted on time.

Organising school commitments in an orderly way will not only help students become excellent time managers, but it will prepare them for when they move on to higher education where self learning is essential and being organised is key to student success.

Penstripe’s planners are not only a valuable student resource but they also allow parents and teachers to monitor student progress and act as a home-school communication link.

To see the full range of Penstripe planners go to our planners page.

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