How Can Student Planners Help with Time Management?

Effective time management is crucial for students to succeed academically and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This article will explore how using a student planner or homework diary can significantly contribute to better time management and academic performance.

Time Management Benefits of Using a Student Planner

Organisation and Prioritisation: Student planners are instrumental in enhancing time management by facilitating goal setting and helping students organise their objectives. By listing tasks, assignments, and events in the planner, students can allocate their time effectively, prioritise their work according to importance and deadlines, and ensure that they stay on track with their commitments.

Tracking Progress and Achievements: A student planner serves as an efficient time management tool for monitoring completed tasks and achievements. Regularly reviewing their progress allows students to identify areas for improvement and adapt their time management strategies accordingly. This enables them to refine their study techniques, boost their overall performance, and make better use of their time.

Reducing Stress and Improving Mental Well-being: Effective time management through the use of a student planner can create a sense of control over time and tasks, reducing stress levels and preventing last-minute panic and cramming. A well-organised student is more likely to achieve a balanced lifestyle and maintain good mental well-being. By managing their time efficiently with the help of a planner, students can alleviate the pressure associated with academic commitments and deadlines, promoting a more enjoyable and fulfilling educational experience.

Penstripe Student Planner Features

So, what makes a Penstripe student planner stand out—and how do they help with time management?

Fully Bespoke Design

We understand that each school has its unique needs and preferences when it comes to effective time management. That’s why we offer the option to create a fully customised student planner tailored to your school’s requirements. You can personalise aspects such as school-specific content like the timetable and teacher details, which can help students manage their time more efficiently. Additionally, you can customise the cover, page content, and diary style while choosing from over 1000 optional library pages, seven different diary layout options, and four binding options to suit your needs.

Built to Last

Penstripe student planners and homework diaries are designed to endure the rigours of daily school life, ensuring that they last throughout the entire academic year—so a student will never be without their planner. To achieve this durability, they feature robust binding options, protective plastic covers, and quality materials that stand up to the task. If a planner falls apart prematurely, we offer a no-quibble replacement policy.

Hundreds of Options for Time Management

Keeping versatility in mind, we provide a wide range of content options. These options include a Study Skills section for enhanced revision and exam performance, which can help students manage their study time. Additionally, the planners include a wellbeing section to raise mental health awareness, promoting a balanced lifestyle. Three reference sections, such as maps and periodic tables, are also available to support students in organising their study materials.

Easy to Create

We simplify the process of designing a student planner or student siary, ensuring that schools can equip young people with a valuable tool to support their learning experience and time management. To facilitate this, Penstripe offers access to MyPenstripe, a unique online design tool, and 24/7 support from a dedicated Account Manager and design team. The design approval process is straightforward, and Penstripe manages the delivery according to your desired deadline, allowing students to start managing their time effectively from the beginning of the academic year.

Tips for Effective Use of a Student Planner

Once your students have their planners, here’s how you can help them use them more effectively:

Consistent Use and Updating: Fora student planner to be effective, it must be used consistently. Students should set aside time each day to review and update their planner, turning it into a habit that will significantly benefit their time management.

Breaking Tasks into Manageable Chunks: Using a planner to break down assignments and projects into smaller tasks makes them more manageable. Setting deadlines for each task promotes timely completion and prevents procrastination.

Involving Teachers and Parents: Sharing the planner with teachers can provide guidance and support, while involving parents can offer additional motivation and accountability. Collaborative efforts can further enhance the benefits of using a student planner.

Choose Penstripe

At Penstripe, our goal is to create the perfect student planner for your individual requirements. With a huge range of sizes, bindings and contents, we can create a custom student diary that exceeds your expectations. With a wide range of bespoke pages to choose from, we’ll create the right planner for you. Our handy pocket size planners are becoming ever more popular amongst schools and are a particular favourite with sixth forms.

We create bespoke student planners that last the entire year. Guaranteed. Our team of experts are constantly innovating to produce useful new content that can be added to student planners. See our catalogue for a full breakdown of the options available. Regular engagement with student planners can help to foster a growth mindset, as students are encouraged to take ownership of their own achievements. Penstripe has years of experience in producing both student planners and teacher planners, and a track record of excellent results. Order your free sample pack today.


Our student planners are designed to support young people in all aspects of their education. Whether you call them student planners, homework diaries, or learning journals, we guarantee the best quality and service.