Homework Diaries

A Homework Diary is the perfect way to promote organisation skills and to communicate between school and home

Our homework diaries are the perfect organisational tool for students, teachers and parents. With bespoke and ‘off-the-shelf’ options, there really is something to suit every school and budget.

Studies show that effective planning through use of a homework diary can be an excellent way to keep learners motivated and on-track. We give your students the tools they need to succeed.

What makes our Homework Diaries amazing?

Our homework diaries are incredibly popular at schools across the UK. Some of the top features include:

A range of sizes available

Quality full colour cover

Tough spine binding

2 pages per week diary

Bespoke diary layouts available

Personalise with school pages

Add from our library of supporting content

Student Wellbeing section

Suitable for daily use

Guaranteed to last all year

Simple to make bespoke with cover and content

Easily recycled

Encourages planning

Supports student wellbeing


No two schools are the same, which is why we give you the option to add your own unique content. It could be your school’s wellbeing ethos, dress code, timetable, teacher details or things like term dates and IT policy.

Your bespoke cover, page content and diary style

Over 1000 pages of optional library options

7 different diary layout options

4 binding options to suit your needs


Our homework diaries are designed to last a whole school year. Our durable bindings and covers protect each planner through the rigours of daily school life. They really are backpack-proof!

Tough, long-lasting binding options

Protective plastic covers

Quality materials that are up to the task

No quibble replacement if it falls apart prematurely

hundreds of options

Throughout the years, we have learned what makes a good homework diary – versatility! One school’s needs will not be the same as another school, that’s why we have a huge variety of different content options in our library.

Study Skills section for better revision and exam performance

A wellbeing section to develop awareness in mental health

3 reference sections (maps, periodic table etc)

Opportunities to create your 100% bespoke version


A homework diary is an opportunity for schools to provide young people with a tool to support the learning experience. We do not want schools to miss this opportunity so have devised a way to make the process of designing a homework planner as simple as possible.

Access to MyPenstripe, our unique online design tool

24/7 support from an Account Manager and design team

A simple design approval process

Delivery managed to your desired deadline


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