5 Top Trends in Student Planners You Can Use Now

Working with well over 1,000 secondary schools each year we get to see new trends in style and content.  I’ve put together a little blog post for you, detailing 5 of the trends taken from the planners we’ve just completed and distributed to schools for the start of September.

  1. Bespoke Diaries.  More and more schools want their own diary pages to cater for their specific bespoke curriculum
  2. Mental Health & Wellbeing.  The bespoke content in many student planners is changing to include a greater level of support for student’s mental health
  3. Termly Planners.  With everything currently in upheaval, many schools have chosen to create termly rather than annual planners, to provide a greater level of flexibility
  4. MATs Pooling Resource.  Multiple schools within MATs are now easily sharing the content from student planners to cut costs and tightly control their brand
  5. Learning Journal. Or Link Book, or whatever you want to call it.  Schools are taking the traditional notion of a planner and spinning it to make something that works for their students on a wider PSHE level

The tough times we are all navigating through at the moment are leading to some very creative solutions to unprecedented challenges faced by schools.  We’re very proud to be flexible in working with our school customers by supporting whatever requirements they may have.

Please drop us a line using the form on this page if you have an idea you’d like to discuss. However wonderfully crazy your idea we’re here to advise and support.

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