3 ‘MUST-BUY’ Back To School Essentials

A new school season is fast approaching and you may be getting excited about purchasing new pens, notebooks or even a student planner for your little learners. Before September hits, it’s important to stock up on the basics to ensure their return back to school is as easy as possible, with all the essential tools they need to kickstart a new school year. 

Are you unsure where to start for back-to-school essentials? Struggling to get organised? At Penstripe we can help you get prepared offering a wide selection of bespoke student planners, diaries and much more. 

3 Back to School Essentials

  1. Student Planner 

Purchasing a student planner is a great first step to take when it comes to returning back to school after a long summer’s break, ensuring your kids return organised and proactive. Student planners are a day-to-day essential helping with everyday organisation, achieving goals, setting targets, increasing performance and improving wellbeing. 

At Penstripe we offer bespoke and pocket student planners tailored specifically to your school’s requirements and to ensure they easily fit into school clothes and school bags. 

  1. Homework Diaries

With a new school year, you may find yourself receiving an increased amount of homework. Homework diaries are an opportunity for you to easily schedule and manage your workload and to improve the communication between yourself and your teacher. Homework diaries not only enhance communication and organisation skills but help to keep you motivated towards achieving goals. 

Our homework diaries at Penstripe come with a number of modern features, from personalised pages, a student wellbeing section and an extensive range of colours, sizes and styles available, there is something to suit all school’s requirements and budgets. 

Want to learn more about Homework Planners? Find out what homework planners are here.

  1. Reading Records 

Regular reading is one of the most important habits that you can instil in your child. It has been shown to have numerous benefits, including improved language skills, greater attention span, and enhanced critical thinking ability. In addition, regular reading also helps to foster a love of learning in children.

When children see their parents reading on a regular basis, it sets a positive example and helps to cement the importance of reading in their young minds. So make sure to set aside time each day for some quality reading time with your child – it will do wonders for their development!

Reading records are a great solution for helping you to stay on track and develop reading skills at home and in school. They are the best way to help parents and guardians to communicate with teachers in order to give support where needed. They allow teachers to track progress and provide the necessary support where needed, and are an essential tool for helping kids learn to read. 

Back to School Essentials

  1. Student Planner
  2. Homework Diaries
  3. Reading Records

Back to School Essentials at Penstripe

Returning back to school is exciting! Especially when it comes to purchasing a few back-to-school essentials. If you are nervous about your kids returning to school after the summer holidays then getting organised can remove a lot of the anxiety. 

At Penstripe we offer a wide range of educational resources to support you and your children with learning, development and organisational skills. From bespoke student planners, student diaries and reading records we can provide you with efficient learning and development resources designed to your school’s needs.