Signs for schools & Wayfinding


Producing everything from finger posts, to monolith signs and everything in between. At Penstripe, we have decades of experience in creating school signage that works.

Penstripe has many years’ experience in providing wayfinding and signage solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

We believe that signs are just the product of a carefully considered school directional strategy that works for your whole site. It is important that your signs are intuitive and easy to follow for all users.

Our consultative approach ensures that you are provided with the ultimate wayfinding solution for your site. We take a holistic approach including the visitor experience, your brand, budget and a future-proofed design.

penstripe external school signage finger post


A range of weatherproof signs to show off your branding and help visitors find their way on site


Highly-visible, full colour internal signs that present information and highlight your schools identity

School Mapping SOLUTIONS

Help staff, learners and visitors find their way with a hand designed map in either 2D or 3D

Window & Wall

Make the most of wasted space and show off your school’s ethos with window and wall graphics


When visitors first enter your school, the first interaction they have will be with your signs. It’s the first impression that can be the difference between a positive and negative experience. An old, weathered sign that is hard to read immediately puts you on the back foot.

Wayfinding is not just about signage;
it’s about connecting people with places.

It’s also extremely important to have in place a well thought out wayfinding system so that navigating your site is easy and intuitive. We can help design parkings signs, one way systems, maps and the signs that go with them so that all school visitors have a smooth journey to their destination.

Penstripe is a one-stop-shop for all your school wayfinding needs. We will design, print, deliver and install your signage and provide quality advice to ensure they last for many years to come. For other questions you may have, see our FAQs.


There are many different variations of school signage to suit style and budget. Signs for schools are different from other businesses because they need to work for children as well as adults. We create large, highly visible and easy to read signs that work for all audiences. Whether you’re looking for internal signs for buildings and classrooms, or external signs for wayfinding or school entrances, we have the expertise to deliver. Learn more about wayfinding here >

School entrance signs

School entrance signs are the first thing visitors will see when they arrive at your school, college or university. It is therefore extremely important that your messaging gives off a strong first impression. Our heavy-duty school entrance signs are built to stand out and to last for many years to come.

Wall Graphics

Culture and ethos is an incredibly important consideration for all schools across the UK. Reinforcing a positive school culture can have a profound effect on student engagement and one way to achieve this is by ensuring the environment is on message. Wall and window graphics can transform a space and are a great way to utilise real-estate that previously was wasted.


Maps are an important way to help students and visitors navigate the school campus. Designing a directional map for schools is a challenging task with many considerations specific to your site. Learn more about school mapping in our in-depth guide.


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