School Storage FAQs

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About school storage.

Having supplied the nation’s schools for over 15 years, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about storage for schools. During that time we’ve noticed that many customers have similar questions, so we’ve created this guide to answer the most common ones.

If your question isn’t answered, feel free to get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to help.

what types of school storage solutions do you offer?

There are many different variations of school storage systems to suit style and budget. Storage for schools is different from other businesses because they need to work for children as well as adults. We provide:

Storage lockers
Cabinets and cupboards
School tray systems
Workshops and laboratories
Manual handling

Why do schools need storage systems?

Schools, colleges and universities need a range of storage systems for a variety of reasons. School storage can: provide a safe and secure place to store belongings, promote creativity, keep within health and safety guidelines, encourages respect along with so much more!

are your school storage systems durable?

Our team of experts are constantly innovating to produce school storage systems that are built to last. Whether it’s a school tray or a cabinet, we provide solutions that are durable, hard-wearing and built to the highest standards. You can be sure Penstripe’s school storage systems will last for years to come.


At Penstripe, our goal is to create the perfect school storage system for your individual requirements. With a huge range of sizes, designs and functionalities, we can create a storage solution that exceeds your expectations. Combining this with years of experience in producing school storage systems, we truly understand what it takes to create high-quality products that fuse beauty and functionality.

Can Penstripe work with schools nationwide?

We create educational resources that engage and support students and teachers with learning, planning and organisation across the UK. With our head office based in Leeds, we are able to serve the entire country with their school storage needs.

Do you provide external storage solutions?

As well as providing storage systems for the classroom, we also supply storage solutions for external uses. If you’re looking for a solution for students to store their bicycles and scooters, we have a range of high-quality racks and shelters. Contact one of our specialists to discuss your requirements.


Quality lockers, suitable for a multitude of storage applications. School lockers are useful for a variety of reasons. Standard lockers provide the flexibility of five sizes with five door options and six door colour options. Wondering where to buy school lockers? Look no further than the top school locker suppliers!


An adaptable and versatile all steel system of units designed to meet the demands of the school environment. Designed to be highly functional, long-lasting and safe.

Fully lockable and secure school cupboards. School cabinets designed with teachers’ storage needs in mind.


Our award-winning trays are specially designed and BSI tested for heavy educational use. The F series comes in an exciting range of over 30 colours and four heights, and our antimicrobial trays and lids have a built-in infection control surface to reduce and eradicate germs.


General purpose workbenches suitable for use in Design, Technology and Laboratory environments. Full range of accessories available including drawers, cupboards, shelves and service ducts.

School scooter storage


A range of quality scooter racks, cycle loops and shelters for safe storage and security. Encourage healthy methods of travelling to school and reduce the number of cars on site, by providing adequate facilities.


Trucks and trolleys for the safe and secure movement and storage of goods. Increases efficiency of storage facilities and helps support staff move items safely as required.


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