Why Signage for Schools Should Be a Priority

With a new academic year coming up, why not give your school a refresh with some informative school signage that resembles your school’s ethos, branding and morals. School signage should be a priority for any school, they are designed to inform instructions, create a positive atmosphere and most importantly educate. 

Why Signage for Schools is Important 

School signage helps visitors, pupils and teachers to navigate their way around a school leading to more learning time. School signage also provides visitors or potential pupils with a first impression, whether you are keen to demonstrate your school’s ethos through school signage or informative text, you can determine the difference between a positive or negative experience.

Signage is a very important investment for schools, they are designed to inform instructions, safety measures, educate pupils or even influence the desired reputation you wish to portray. 

Signs for Wayfinding

School signage is a popular way of helping visitors with wayfinding. Signage can enhance a visitor’s experience before they have arrived at the desired location. The more accessible and easier you make it for a visitor to find a specific location, the more drawn and positive they will find their experience before it has even started. 

At Penstripe we supply anything from monolith signs to finger signs and have many years of experience in providing effective wayfinding sign solutions. Our team offer a wide range of wayfinding solutions whilst taking a holistic approach to enhancing a visitor’s experience, demonstrating your branding and budget.  

School Entrance Signs

School entrance signs are one of the first things a visitor will see before entering your school so it is highly important to set a strong first impression that demonstrates all of your ethos and morals. At Penstirpe we offer high-quality school entrance signs that are guaranteed to set an unforgettable first impression, our signs are available in an extensive range of colours and sizes to match your current branding. 

School entrance signs are a fantastic way to spark creativity and create a professional, learning environment. From a school ‘welcome’ sign to your school’s name and branding, entrance signs can help to achieve the desired message you are trying to portray to your visitors. 

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Promoting School Values

School signs help to strengthen the values that your school follows to create a positive and uplifting educational environment. School values are designed for pupils to succeed and to have a positive approach to learning. Naturally, the more your school values are illustrated across the school building, the more pupils will acknowledge them and begin to incorporate them within their learning.  

School signs not only help to promote values, but they also set a level of standard and expectations for pupils to learn and to shape their mindsets. School values can help to build a student’s character and control any behaviour issues the school are faced with. 

School Signage at Penstripe

At Penstirpe we are a leading supplier of school signs and offer a comprehensive range of signage for you to choose from for educational establishments to refresh the interior and exterior of your school building. Whether you are looking to inform individuals with school entrance signs, reinforce values with wall graphics or even help visitors to navigate around with school mapping, we can help. Our range of school signs offer a bespoke and cost-effective solution to meet all of your expectations and educational standards. 

If you are looking to create visibility for your school and present interactive signage and would like to find out more, then please feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

Alternatively, to find out more regarding our school signage, visit our school signage FAQ’s page, read our full introductory guide for headteachers, or view our products online.