Protect your students, staff and wider community with SaniStation

Available in four sizes the SaniStation is a new product developed to  keep school communities safe post Covid-19.

When placed in reception and other high-contamination risk areas like meeting rooms and canteens the unit encourages hand cleaning.

Why choose SaniStation?

1. Design.  Smart, functional and robust design

2. Hygiene.  Wipeable acrylic allows easy sanitisation

3. Universal.  Designed to fit a range of dispenser bottles

4. Branding.  Branded specifically for your business

Ask our team for a design to suit your school needs. Fast turnaround and rapid delivery to suit your school re-opening schedule.

Interested in finding out more?

Free-standing SaniStation


Branded to your school, the free-standing SaniStation is quick and easy to assemble, robust and provides students, staff and visitors with a convenient hand sanitisation point at building entrances and exits.  Designed to accomodate 2 or 3 hand sanitiser dispensers.

Counter-top SaniStation

Single: £18.00  Double: £29.00

The counter-top version of the SaniStation is a popular choice for schools looking for a cost-effective way to remind students, staff and visitors to sanitise regularly, particularly close to contamination hot-spots.  Available in single or double sizes.

Mini Wall-hung SaniStation


The Mini Wall-hung SaniStation is easily installed in areas where the floor-standing or counter-top versions are not suitable.  Popular with schools who want to a sanitisation reminder at the entrance to every classroom.

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