Transmission prevention that works

The team here at Penstripe understand something about the challenge of reopening a facility fast after a period of lockdown and have put together the following products to enable your school to create a infection-reduction plan using products that are robust, look the part and don’t cost the earth! 



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Protect students staff and visitors with our extensive range of convenient hand sanitisation points.  Easily branded to your school.

Hand Sanitiser

We have a stock of Hand Sanitiser available for delivery right now. 70% alcohol, kills 99.9% of germs, COSHH certificates available.

Covid Signage

We have designed a series of wall and floor signage to support your transmission prevention messages.  Fully bespoke options available.

Foot-operated Dispensers

Aluminium foot operated dispenser.  Hands free operation, brightly coloured dispenser ideal for playgrounds and communal areas.

Handwash Basins

Encourage regular handwashing by locating specific hand wash basins throughout your school.  Hassle free installation of units to provide every opportunity to make your school as safe as possible.

Building Decontamination

Our highly trained technicians apply non toxic yet highly effective disinfectants to ALL surfaces within your school. Our specialist ULV biocides process is fast and cost effective.

Complete School Packages

Speak to one of our consultants about designing a distancing/hygiene regime plan that provides and easy-to-implement plan for your school fast.

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