Penstripe Player Of The Month Awards 2016

It’s time for round two of our Penstripe Player of the Month Awards! We published our first winners in September and this time, we’re going to announce September, October and November’s winners. Player of the Month is all about giving recognition to our hard-working staff members, so without further ado, let’s reveal our winners!

September’s winner was… Samuel Fry!

Sam is one of our Personal Account Managers at Penstripe, and makes sure that our clients are happy with the service they receive from start to finish, with Sam being their port-of-call throughout the process.

Sam’s attitude is constantly positive, and his enthusiasm and commitment to the role have resulted in some very impressive sales figures. An integral part of our team, Sam is a very worthy winner.

October’s winner was… Alvin Clarke!

Alvin is our Sales Manager, and certainly knows how to lead a team to ensure the best results.

Alvin has a keen eye for detail, and is excellent at diffusing potential issues. He knows how to keep both the internal team and external clients happy – we’re lucky to have him on the Penstripe team. He’s always coming up with fresh ideas, and recently organised an excellent training day which we all learned a lot from. He’s constantly supportive, and is always there to talk to if you have a problem.

November’s winner was… Charles Hewines!

Charles is our Penstripe Purchasing Manager, and ensures that every product that reaches our HQ is of the finest quality.

Charles is the champion of working under pressure, and always gives 100% to any task. The effort that Charles puts into his role at Penstripe is exemplary; he is an outstanding company role model. If we could all keep up with Charles, Penstripe would be unstoppable.

We are very proud of the efforts that we’ve seen from our three winners, to ensure that Penstripe is constantly going above and beyond the call of duty for our clients, and of course, our internal team. We’ll be revealing our next group of worthy winners in March – make sure to check back on the blog!

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