Penstripe in the sport and corporate sectors

At Penstripe, we develop products for various age ranges and industries. Aside from education, we focus heavily on providing the best planning products to the sport and corporate sectors.

For sport, we focus primarily on golf (with others in the pipeline!). We provide some of the UK’s best golf courses with bespoke diaries. Like our school planners, these diaries can be fully personalised from the front to the back cover. Our ToughBind adhesive ensures no snagging on clothes, and no damaged covers.

The process begins by choosing the start and finish dates, and then the diary is personalised by adding different layouts, adverts, logos, images and fonts. The product is created to perfectly match a clubs’ identity, the end result being a fully bespoke product that golf fans will love to keep up-to-date.

We also provide fully personalised diaries and notebooks to the corporate sector. Due to the versatility of these products, they’re suitable for every kind of business. We work closely with clients to ensure that this product acts as an essential business tool that ensures staff are organised, and promotes the brand effectively both internally and externally.

Designed to completely fit the individual needs of our clients, each notebook is printed to order.  All can be personalised like the above, with the addition of choosing single or full colour print or foil blocking on coated fabric, smooth vinyl or linen cloth.

In a nutshell, we give you the ability to create the perfect diary or notebook by working directly with you and your business to create your very own, bespoke design. To request a sample, simply fill out the contact form that can be found here, or give us a call on 01132310995 to find out more.

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