Inspiring Students with School Wall Graphics

What are Wall Graphics 

Wall Graphics are large scale stickers made from durable vinyl, also known as wall decals or wall stickers. Wall graphics are useful for branding, signage, or decoration. They can be cut to any shape or size and printed in any design. There are a wide range of custom wall graphics and window graphics, from basic wall cutouts, murals, vinyl stickers and fabric wall graphics. 

Wall Graphics for Schools

A well-designed school wall graphic has the ability to connect with students and staff in a way that no other channel can. Whether it is carefully chosen interactive images, bold colours or timelessly inspirational text. Whatever the goal, school wall graphics remain a very popular choice for schools that have a message to share!

The Benefits of Wall Graphics for Students

Student graphics are key for conveying messages to students, staff and visitors. There are great opportunities available across your site to promote the school mission and vision statement to help boost motivational learning and student wellbeing and create a sense of place. It’s perhaps the best way to tell your story.

Wall graphics have the ability to promote a stronger work ethic for students and provide them with a sense of belonging.

Infographics, illustrations and word clouds are just a few ways schools can effectively use wall graphics to convey simple or complex messages. There are numerous ways that wall graphics can benefit your school – here are a few:

Motivational Learning 

Many schools feature specific subjects within their wall graphic designs. A well themed design can help students to familiarise themselves with key subjects and themes. Because students will be seeing the subject based graphics every day, they will become more familiar with the information which makes for a useful learning tool for students. 

Student wall graphics are a great way to incorporate excitement and interest within subjects fueling debates and conversations.

Improves Student Wellbeing

One of a school’s main responsibilities is to ensure that steps are taken to focus and improve wellbeing. Wall art for schools creates a calm, peaceful and tranquil environment for pupils to work and spend the majority of their day in.

Being exposed to images of nature is proven to have a positive impact on an individual’s mental health. Featuring wall or floor graphics that present aspects of nature, wildlife, and landscapes can improve your learners’ wellbeing too. 

Enforces School Values

School printed wall graphics are the perfect place to present and enforce school values onto pupils. Many schools are choosing images that compliment the school values message. For example, trees signify growth and learning, while sunlight can suggest success and positivity.

Many school graphics include the school’s ethos with their branding and logo which works well in a reception area or a shared learning space like a classroom. 

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity 

A great way to show students that they study in a caring and diverse community is through bespoke wall graphics. Using images that incorporate children of all ethnicities, abilities, genders and appearances has the ability to normalise children and promote diversity and inclusivity. 

This also will encourage people to express themselves and their personality feeling free from judgment within the school. School wall murals can bring boring spaces to life. This also inspires students of acceptance as these graphics will become memorable as they walk between lessons.

Take Advantage Of Wall Graphics Now

With so many unique advantages to wall graphics, they have a lot to offer your school. If you are interested in having customer office wall graphics designed and printed get in touch. We have the expertise and the ability to bring your vision to life. 

To learn more about how student planners from Penstripe can support your school, please contact our education team by email at or by phone at 0113 231 0995. We would be happy to discuss how our planners can help meet the organisational and planning needs of your students.