How to write an email to a teacher

If you are looking to write a polite email to a teacher and receive a quick response, or a response that directly answers your question, you may be seeking the best, most professional way to write an email to a teacher.

You may have a question regarding your child’s homework, about school events or even your child’s behaviour, but either way, writing an email to a teacher professionally is a crucial skill in order to have effective communication. 

Tips for Writing an Email to a Teacher

An important consideration when writing an email to a teacher is that they are time-poor and extremely busy! The best way to receive a positive and fast response is to remain respectful, professional and to quickly and clearly make your point. 

  1. Be professional
  2. Be direct
  3. Be respectful 
  4. Structure your text
  5. Double-check your spelling and grammar

How to Start an Email to a Teacher

Before writing a professional email, you will want to use a clear subject line that clearly states what the email is about. This helps a teacher to have a brief understanding of what the email is about so it sticks in the mind. An email subject such as “Joe Wilson’s performance review” will give the teacher a brief idea of the context of your email instead of,  “Message regarding Joe Wilson” which is too generic. 

Before continuing to write the email body, address the recipient with a ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon, this creates a warm and engaging introduction and creates an expectation for your response time.  

How to End an Email to a Teacher

Before sending your message, it is important to proofread your email, checking for spelling, grammar and capital letter mistakes. If you are sending an email that requires a response, then it is important to end your email with a message that sends this impression. Try something like, “I look forward to hearing from you soon, Sincerely…” This way you have remained respectful and have left your email open for a response.

If you are looking to create a long-lasting impression remember to be thankful for the teacher’s time. Here is a template for a clear, concise email to a teacher.

“Dear Mr Smith, 

Michael came home yesterday and told me that she had received a negative performance review. Would it be possible for us to meet sometime to go over this, please?

Thanks for your time and help!


Elizabeth Trout”

Taking the time to email a teacher is a fast way of communicating, especially if you are working around a busy schedule and are struggling to find the time to communicate face to face. It’s an easy way of bringing to attention any issues as well as remaining polite and respectful and keeping the message on topic. 

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