Halloween in the classroom

Scary worksheets

Word-searches with Halloween keywords to find, maths problems featuring a fun Halloween mascot, or stories and poems about the scary season and all of its mythical creatures – go wild! Create a quiz about Halloween fun facts, or why not let your students learn about vampires or the truth behind the fascinating, misunderstood bats? The sky’s the limit with these scary worksheets!

Halloween at Penstripe

Pumpkin-centric arts and crafts.

Bring the fruit of Halloween into the classroom by implementing this tricky orange wonder into every lesson plan. Ask your students to paint a pumpkin, challenge them to try different pumpkin-inclusive foods and drinks to expand their taste buds – for extra points, decorate them with especially frightful ingredients. And, for the less adventurous, why not create pumpkin chains to decorate the classroom? A chain of smiling Jack-O-Lanterns hanging from your classroom is sure to give your classroom an edge, and it’ll be a fun teamwork experience for your students!

Halloween incentives

A Halloween-themed cake stall? A trick-or-treat bag for each of your students, containing a mixture of practical and edible goodies? How about a non-uniform day to raise money, and the students get to dress up as their favourite character at school? There’s no reason a Halloween costume can’t be used twice!

Halloween games

Treat your students to a game of Halloween charades, where each team takes turns to act out a popular Halloween icon or monster and the other students have to try and guess who it is. The winning team could win a lucky dip in a goody bag of prizes! Alternatively, challenge your students to come up with the most unique monster and have them write a profile page about them – what’s their name, what do they like to eat, what do they look like? The scarier the better!

Learning with ghosts

Bring in a bulk of black card or paper and challenge your students’ inner artist to draw the best spooky character – the different coloured chalks will make their drawings pop off the page! Showcase your students’ creativity with a mini display of their creations! Personal, colourful, and festive – it’s a win-win!

Fun and practical maths

Put some maths problems on the back of a hand-made cut-out of a recognised Halloween figure, turn over the card and a numerical adventure awaits! Once the monsters have been defeated, glue a lollipop stick to the back of each piece of card and you’ll have an instant Halloween puppet display! Glue the lollipop sticks behind another piece of card for a fun classroom decoration.

No matter how you intend to spend the Halloween season, spruce up your classroom with some frightening decorations, play some fun games, and make the build-up to Halloween a fun and memorable time for your students. As they engage with the activities, consider surprising them with a party once the countdown gets closer- a treat for everyone!

Of course these freaky activities need planning. Why not check out our teacher planners to ensure nothing it forgotten and you can have a stress-free Halloween! If you would like to find out more contact us today!

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