Boost Your Productivity in 2024 with the Best To-Do List and Organisation Apps

With 2024 now here, everyone is looking for ways to stay organised and productive with their work, life, and goals. The good news is that there are fantastic to-do list, productivity, and organisation apps available that can help you manage it all. 

This article will provide an overview of the best apps on the market and how they can benefit you.

Why Use a To-Do List or Organization App?

Before diving into the top apps, it’s important to understand why you should use one in the first place. The main benefits include:

  • Keeping track of tasks, projects, and goals in one place

  • Prioritising what’s most important

  • Scheduling reminders and due dates

  • Collaborating with teams

  • Structuring your workflow

  • Boosting productivity and organisation

The right productivity app helps you manage information overload. Rather than having tasks and ideas floating around in your head or scribbled on random sticky notes, you can use an app to store everything in one, centralised place. This reduces stress and helps you focus on executing.

The Top To-Do List and Organization Apps for 2024

Now, let’s explore some of the best to-do list, productivity, and organisation apps available in 2024 based on reviews and functionality.


Todoist is a highly flexible and full-featured to-do list app available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and the web. It’s frequently rated as one of the best apps on the market.

Some key features include:

  • Syncing across devices

  • Setting reminders

  • Organising tasks with tags, filters, and labels

  • Collaborating with teams

  • Integrating with apps like Dropbox, Google Calendar, Slack and more

  • Project templates for managing larger initiatives

  • A free version with premium options for businesses

You can use Todoist for personal task management or expand into high-level project management for teams. It’s intuitive yet robust at the same time.

Microsoft To Do

For those already using Microsoft apps like Outlook or Teams, Microsoft To Do integrates nicely as a dedicated to-do list and task management app. Benefits include:

  • Works across Windows, iOS, Android devices

  • Syncs with Microsoft products

  • Sharp, intuitive interface

  • Share lists and assign tasks

  • Set reminders with due dates

  • Free to use

Microsoft To Do focuses specifically on lightweight task and list management. While not as fully featured as some project management software, it covers the basics well and seamlessly fits into an existing Microsoft workflow.


ClickUp takes things a step further as a complete project management platform and alternative to apps like Asana. Features include:

  • Hierarchical task lists

  • Multiple project views like grid, board, timeline and more

  • Docs, spreadsheets, and reminders

  • Custom fields and statuses

  • Goals tracking

  • Apps and integration marketplace

  • Free and paid plans

Whether you want a simple to-do list or deeper project management capabilities, ClickUp has customizability for both personal use and teams. It replaces the need for separate tools.


Notion made waves by allowing you to manage everything – from tasks and notes to docs and projects – in one flexible workspace. Core features consist of:

  • All-in-one workspace

  • Databases

  • Customizable views

  • Wikis

  • Charts

  • File embedding

  • And more

While Notion isn’t just for task management, it can certainly replace your traditional to-do app. You can manage goals, projects, calendars, and daily tasks while also collaborating with others. The flexibility is endless.


For those looking for a sharply designed, personal productivity app exclusively made for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and Mac, Things is a top choice. It focuses on ease of use and intuitive organisation with tags, due dates and reminders.

Google Workspace

Formerly known as GSuite, Google Workspace includes popular apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more for getting work done efficiently. It powers productivity and collaboration.

Core reasons businesses choose Workspace:

  • Flexible pricing

  • Apps work seamlessly together

  • Scales from small teams to enterprise

  • Custom email and docs

  • Secure cloud storage

Workspace brings Google’s full suite to teams for email, file sharing, to-do lists, video calls, calendar management and more – facilitating productivity across the board.

Mobile and Communication Apps for Managing Work

When it comes to mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, there are excellent options to help you manage work and communication on the go. Mobile productivity apps make it easy to stay organised and collaborate while working remotely or from multiple devices.

Communication apps like Slack, and Microsoft Teams allow for seamless messaging, file sharing, and task tracking between coworkers. You can communicate with your team and work in one place instead of endless email chains. These apps integrate smoothly with other workplace solutions as well.

For managing projects and workflows, Asana continues to be one of the top mobile apps on the market. You can view and update tasks from your phone or tablet and sync across other devices. The interface is sharp and intuitive. Asana also offers enterprise plans for managing large teams.

When you need to manage contacts, scheduling, and emails from your iPhone or Android phone, apps like Salesforce make it easy. Built specifically for CRM and sales teams, Salesforce puts workflow management right in your pocket. Access important customer details, schedule meetings, log communications and more on the go.

The right mobile productivity apps allow you to easily manage key aspects of your work from multiple devices. You can communicate with teams, access important work details, and organise projects without sitting at your desktop. Mobile apps help you stay productive from anywhere.

Achieve More with the Right App

While our brains can only handle so much before getting overwhelmed, apps provide the structure and system to manage workflows, projects, responsibilities and priorities effectively. Whether you study and work from a student planner, are an employee, business leader or ambitious entrepreneur, productivity apps cut down on mental clutter so you can achieve more.

Make 2024 your most organised and productive year yet with a killer task or project management app that meets your specific needs. Focus on what matters and leave the rest to technology.

Stay focused and achieve your ambitions in 2024 with a little help from software that encourages productivity, collaboration and organisation. Which app will you be trying? What tips do you have for others looking to boost efficiency this year? Share your experiences below!

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