Hyprsan Alchohol-Free Sanitisers

Tough on viruses – Gentle on hands

A unique range of alchohol-free sanitisers for your hands and surfaces

Cost effectiveFoam formula means the same amount of Hyprsan sanitiser goes 5 times as far.

Tough on virusesHyprsan kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.999% of viruses – including the Covid 19 Corona Virus. Leaves a barrier on the skin that will continue to eradicate these pathogens for up to 4 hours.

Suitable for sensitive skinHyprsan contains no alcohol, is Quat-free and non-flammable. Hyprsanand has been dermatologically tested, proving to be suitable for repeated use by consumers with sensitive skin.

Benign: Hyprsan is water based, contains 100% biodegradable ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Halal-friendly.

Good for the environment: Hyprsan bottles are 100% recyclable, with no metal parts like other foaming dispensers.

Made in the UK: Hyprsan is made in the UK. So you can be sure it meets all UK health & safety requirements. Plus there are no supply chain issues.

Hyprsan 50ml Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Hyprsan 300ml Foaming Hand Sanitiser

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Hyprspray 750ml Surface Sanitiser

Hyprwipe Antibacterial Surface Wipes – Pack of 72

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HyprSan Hand Sanitiser

Hyprspray Surface Sanitiser

Hyprspray Surface Sanitiser