Designing Bespoke Notebooks For Composite Decking Specialists, Millboard

Millboard are specialists in composite decking. They produce a unique, wood-free alternative to composite and timber decking.


Specialists in composite decking, Millboard had previously provided their clients with standard ‘off the shelf’ notebooks for use when carrying out site surveys and specifying the Millboard product to the end client. They were sure however that more could be done to provide useful and relevant information to the contractor, in the right place at the right time.

After discovering that Penstripe could produce customised notebooks to meet their requirements they made contact to set up an initial briefing.

It quickly transpired that Millboard were keen to produce a notebook that echoed the quality of their own range of decking products, used similar styles of materials, utilised their full colour palette and included key brand design features.


Following the initial briefing, the in-house creative team at Penstripe quickly set to work, developing a range of cover materials, paper options and design ideas that truly incorporated the Millboard brand, range of products and key brand values.

After internal refinements the concepts were delivered to Millboard where a delighted marketing team made final tweaks before giving the approval for print.

Since delivery of their tailored notebooks Millboard have been able to keep important information in front of their contractors and customers whilst reinforcing their brand and values. So, it goes without saying they have a happy bunch of customers!